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Being An Entrepreneur Is Lonely, But It Doesn’t Have to Be….

Mastermind Group For Female Pelvic Therapists

Grow Your Cash-based PT Clinic

Grow Your Confidence!

No matter what type of pelvic health practice you have, whether your business is concierge, a mobile clinic, hybrid, online, or a brick-and-mortar practice, growth is within your reach.

“Before joining PelviBiz I was seeing 1-3 clients a week in my mobile concierge pelvic pt practice and now about 4 weeks of doing PelviBiz I am at 5-6 clients a week so my revenue has more than quadrupled.”

-PelviBiz Coaching Client

“I think my biggest takeaway has been confidence in myself. That was something that I had really struggled with in the past. Kelly gave me the confidence to actually do the thing.”

-PelviBiz Coaching Client

“I would recommend PelviBiz to anyone who is not sure what the next step is for THEM whether it be you are already making money, or you feel stuck, anyone who is wondering is if its possible”

-PelviBiz Coaching Client
“Kelly has given me the support to go above and beyond what I even originally dreamed for myself and my business. She knows you better than you know yourself. She knows how to build off of your strengths.

The biggest change I have seen in my business since joining PelviBiz’s

revenue change. I went from earning $1K a month to almost $5K a month in less than three weeks time, then gaining the confidence to finally sign a lease for my own space.”

-PelviBiz Coaching Client
“ The biggest thing I have taken away from PelviBiz is knowing now how to dream big. Changing the way I think. I just think about the immediate next thing, but you cant you have to dream bigger and figure out what you want for yourself then believe in yourself enough to take those steps. The inspiration to believe in yourself”
-PelviBiz Coaching Client
Keep Your Clinic’s Momentum Going Like Dr. Aryn Delaney
“My five-year plan has been sped up to almost a two-month plan.I really found a lot of support and sisterhood in this program and the energy that all the ladies have, especially Kelly as our captain has really spoken to my heart and played into my journey.

This is for any therapist that wants to branch off. You’ll have the tools from this program. From beginning to end, there’s a whole list of what to do before you go to the next step to make sure you don’t miss any steps that could potentially harm you in the future.

The fact that I even have a business has been the best part of this. Now I can officially say that I own my own company. I am the founder”
-Aryn Delaney, PelviBiz Coaching Client

The More You Invest In Yourself, The Greater Return You Will Get, Which Benefits You and Your Business.

When you invest in a business coach, there are THREE major benefits.

Get your time back

Financial Freedom

Prioritize Your Health

Pay off your student debt faster

Build your financial security without having to juggle multiple jobs

Create your own schedule

Spend more time with your family and friends

Embrace self-care

Reduce your stress with a better work/life balance

More time for exercise, sleep, and healthy eating

What You Get When You Join PelviBiz Mastermind

Live calls once a month with Kelly and other pelvic health providers on what current problems and solutions pelvic health providers are facing ($15,000 VALUE)

4 quarterly sessions with Kelly to help you understand and gain full clarity on what the next steps look like for you! ($3,000 VALUE)

Extensive training resources for your clinical and administrative staff ($40,000 Value)

All in one software platform that includes front and back-end systems that will help you grow your business faster with fewer headaches ($35,000+ value)


All Events for the year included! ($5,000 Value)

Partnership and Community (PRICELESS)

A Ticket to PelviBiz 2024 (March 15-17, 2023) In San Diego, CA
Regain Your Confidence And Get More Clients Like Dr. Victoria Clement
Start Dreaming BIG Just Like Dr. Brandie Freeman

“Kelly actually saved me from a contract where I was going to make $70K a year, which I thought was a good offer for a new grad.

But she saved me from that, and I’m going to be making 3-4X that amount this year because of PelviBiz.

If you know you can be better and that you want to grow a business, but you have all these little objections, these questions about yourself, you can come in and be supported by Kelly and by PelviBiz and get over those things and find out how to clear those hurdles one at a time.”
-PelviBiz Coaching Client

“I feel like I now understand what the next push is like, what are some

actionable goals so that I can be with my kids . . . .

I am a mother to five children, and I really need someone that can speak to me in a way that resonates with my need to be with my children. I feel like I know how to get there now.”

-PelviBiz Coaching Client

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