Master Your Practice

Learn the skills you need to scale and optimize your practice.

Master Your Practice

Learn the skills you need to scale and optimize your practice.

Why Pelvibiz?

Founded by Dr. Kelly Alhooie, PelviBiz’s Programs & Events provide pelvic health therapists with educational and networking opportunities.

Designed For Women Who Want to Be Their Best “Boss”

PelviBiz was created to provide the tools, resources, and support for pelvic health business owners that are tired of the daily grind and want to make an impact on their own.


Community Focused, Expert Driven

Connect with like-minded pelvic health business owners that understand what it’s like to be a female entrepreneur, mother, spouse, and general badass. Learn from Dr. Kelly Alhooie – a pelvic health entrepreneur and founder that’s grown her businesses from zero to millions. 

Focused on What You Want: Time, Assets, and Work-Life Balance

We know how hard you work. This is PelviBIZ – not PelviJOB. Our systems, training, and processes make your life easier, while helping you systematically get closer to your goals. We even provide all of the software you’ll need to get off the ground and running… at no extra cost to you!

PelviBiz 2025

Enjoy an immersive three-day weekend while learning how to build and scale your business, attract your ideal clients, and set systems that allow you to reach your goals.

Dream Big with PelviBiz Mastermind

This program is for pelvic health providers who want to make over 6 figures this year. They want to grow their team, understand how to build products online and offline.

Get More Clients in Just 90 Days

Are you looking to get more clients? Build confidence with our Client Accelerator Program (CAP).

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Gain The Skills & Confidence To Grow Your Clinic, Raise Your Income & Be The Go-To Provider In Your Community