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Business Growth Stories:
Mastermind Edition
Under Kelly’s mentorship, Dr. Roth has doubled her average amount of patients per week!
With Kelly’s help, Dr. Aryn Delaney was able to find a PT to keep her business going during her maternity leave. When she returned back to work, Dr. Delaney kept the momentum going.
In 2021, Dr. Victoria Clement started her own mobile clinic, but it struggled to grow and expand. A friend recommended that she work with Kelly. She has doubled both her patient list and income. She has hired two admins and a physical therapist!

What You Get When You Join PelviBiz Mastermind

Live calls once a month with Kelly and other pelvic health providers on what current problems and solutions pelvic health providers are facing ($15,000 VALUE) ($15,000 VALUE)

4 quarterly sessions with Kelly to help you understand and gain full clarity on what the next steps look like for you!($3,000 VALUE)

Extensive training resources for your clinical and administrative staff ($40,000 Value)

Software platform that includes front-end and back-end systems will help you grow your business faster with fewer headaches. ($35,000+ value)

Conquering Objection Program: you will be able to answer any objection that is thrown at you and have a > 50% conversion rate ($30,000+ VALUE)

All Events for the year included! ($5,000 Value)

ALL in One Pelvic Health Software ($4,000 Value)

Partnership and Community (PRICELESS)

A ticket to PelviBiz 2024 (March 15-17, 2024) ($550 Value)