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Michelle Laging

Dawn Chimento

Check Out How These PelviBiz Client's Got Their Time Back To Put Towards Their Families

Linda Sayyad

Laura Currens

Erica Crafts

Amanda Sneed

“My biggest goal has been to spend more time with my kids & because of Kelly I know what actionable steps to take to be able to do that!”

Victoria Clement

“One of my friends recommended that I talk to Kelly and I could not be happier. PelviBiz has provided community help with marketing, patient care systems, social media, everything you could ever want.”

Maddy Roth

“ I was averaging about eight patients a week, two weeks ago when I started coaching with Kelly, and now I’m averaging 16 patients a week, literally in two weeks. It’s insane.”

Amy Newberry

“Before Pelvibiz, I was probably making negative like $2k a month. I didn’t want to be a PT anymore. Since joining Pelvibiz, it’s definitely opened my eyes up to a whole new perspective of what it could mean to be a PT and like own a business. Now last month, I was at $35k.”

Andrea Nied

“Since joining Pelvibiz yearly, I have been making over six figures in my physical therapy business

Andrea Nied

“Kelly helps you understand how to manage your personal life, your business life & how to get your time back! I made 5k last month as a new grad because of her.”

Amy Newberry

“I learned how to talk to my clients & truly understand what they are looking for. I’ve learned how to value myself, my time & what I’m giving to the clients I am serving.”

Brandie Freeman

“I’ve passed my yearly goals within a MONTH because of Kelly & Pelvibiz!”

See What PelviBiz Has Done For Aryn's Journey

“My 5 year plan has been sped up to a 2 month plan. I have gained so much sisterhood & support because of this program!”
“I met Kelly and got involved with PelviBiz a year ago, and that’s when I decided to quit my nine to five job, start my own business.”

Erica Genee

“Kelly is amazing at recognizing your strengths and helping you build off of them! Because of Pelvibiz I went from earning $1,000 a month to $5,000 a month!”

Lauren Richardson Luke

“There’s so much awesome information from how to start your own business to how to hire someone! My monthly revenue increased by $2,000 because of what I learned from Kelly”

Katie Ihlenfeldt

“I’ve learned how to have the confidence to believe in myself and am so thankful for this supportive community!”

Amber Carden

“Pelvibiz gave me a way to take steps towards the things that I actually want to be doing.”

Ariel Gallop

“I think it really helps in the early stages of business. Super creative marketing ideas that I would have. never thought of or would have the confidence to do so.”

Laura Currens

“I was immediately like wow this girl knows her stuff and she had the passion for pelvic health. I was terrified to make the transition into her program, but it was the best decisions I have ever made and I wish I had made it sooner.”
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